Nov 122012

Da Vinci robotic surgical system provides state-of-the-art tools in surgeon’s hands. “The benefits of da Vinci are that one, it is minimally invasive, you only small holes in the abdomen. Both of you have not really lost a lot of blood. And three, we are able to see much better if we are able to handle much more gently tissues, “says Dr. Paul Bretton urologist. Lee Memorial Health System offers the da Vinci system for a variety of surgical specialties. Dr. Bretton uses for prostate cancer. Da Vinci enables it to achieve a complex surgery through the holes of the size of a finger. Thin robot arms perform the operation under the control of the physician. “I would say 90% of the interventions of the prostate were, we now robot,” said Dr. Bretton. The most notable difference with robotic surgery is the surgeon is standing above the patient. Instead they are a few meters away stood a computer console. The more work Vinci surgeons to use the more they find for it. It is now used in kidney operations and soon for kidney cancer. “T is a natural progression to start practicing kidney surgery,” says Dr. Omar Benitez. “From pyeloplasty was the first step in developing the skills needed to take care of kidney cancer which is the next step. ‘ Precision instruments to reproduce the Da Vinci wrist movements of the surgeon, which is crucial in the elimination of tumors in the kidney. “We will effectively block the hilum to avoid bleeding

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