The robotic surgical system RAVEN

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Mar 042013

Citris researchers have full access to the Raven interfaces surgical Tele-Operation System which has been designed, fabricated and interfaced by Professor Jacob Rosen at UCSC with Blake Hannaford at the University of Washington. Researchers apply statistical learning robots to acquire control policies based on the trajectories of examples provided by human experts. An article written by the team leaders and teachers Pieter Abbeel Kenneth Goldberg on preliminary results won the Best Paper Medical Robotics at the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Working with UC Davis Doug Boyd, a renowned surgeon, they will develop a system to perform a series of experiments to establish proof of concept significant results for supervised remote surgery. Learn more:
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RAVEN Training Pegs

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Nov 262012

Operating the RAVEN is non-trivial. The training peg tasks allow the user to break their training into three fundamental components: positioning, orienting, and grasping. This video describes each of the training tasks.
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