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Sep 232012

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In medical science Robotic is a word that comes to one million people around the world benefit. Robotics is the future of Science (Medical). A large number of surgeons who have used them say, it is remarkable and revolutionary. “I have a lot of gall bladder surgery,” said Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, one of the best doctor in India for Robotic Surgery “Robotic surgery promises faster recovery, less pain medication and fewer cuts, he added.
There are currently three types of robotic surgery systems: .. Supervisory-Controlled systems, telesurgical systems and shared-control systems Supervisory-Controlled systems (aka Computer Assisted Surgery) are the most automated of the three
The surgeon makes considerable preparatory work, inputs data into The robotic system is planning the course of action, taking x-rays, tests of the robot’s movements, places the robot in the appropriate starting position and monitors the robot measures to ensure everything goes as planned.’s most famous prototype of RoboDoc system. developed by Integrated Surgical Systems, which is commonly used in orthopedic surgery
telesurgical robotic system is the second type of device used in modern robotic surgery, the most common variety, Robotic Surgical System, enhances the surgery by providing 3 – D visualization deep into hard to reach places such as the heart, and improving wrist dexterity and control of small instruments.
This technology allows surgeons faster, more controlled and precise movements by the robot arm to make their wider range of movements. It also allows more surgeons to perform this procedure, since many of the techniques performed by robotic assistants highly qualified and extremely difficult to control for humans. now more procedures (like artery repair and valve repair) can be done without long recovery times or assault.
The Shared Control System is the last category of robotic surgery devices. This system has the man helps the majority of the work, but the robot when needed. In many cases, the robotic system monitors the surgeon, the stability and support during the process. Before you begin, the surgeons program the robots to secure close, recognizing limits and prohibited areas within the human body. Secure regions are the focus of the operation. Close regions border easily soft tissue damage and the border is where soft tissue begins.
When the surgeon nears these dangerous areas, the robot pushes back against the surgeon, or in some cases, when the forbidden zone is reached, the robotic system actually locks in order to prevent further injury. shared-control systems can work best for brain surgery, where the surgeon has the action, but the robot’s hand reassured.
Robotic Surgery, a new chapter in medical science, particularly through Robotic bypass surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Robotic Surgery in India offers a new hope for all replace General Surgery.

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